Fortitude Clothing is a company built on a dream to have fun, be generous, and call the things we love work. The name Fortitude comes from a reflection in ourselves of the meaning of fortitude. Courage in pain and adversity. Strength of mind and character. Guts and Grit. A lot of heart and bravery mixed in with reverie.

The idea of starting this company is not new, but a passion for bringing to life the dream we shared with our brother, son, cheerleader, sponsor, mentor, rock, legend, and friend, in honor of his fortitude.

Eric in Summer of 2012. Classic!

Eric in Summer of 2012. Classic!

Our brother, Eric Larson, lost his life while stopped to be a good samaritan to some folks in need, two days after Christmas in 2013. Fortitude Clothing Company is the way we like to honor his love for great, comfortable t-shirts, and his kind and generous nature.

It wouldn’t be true to say it’s not hard to do this without him, but we know he would be proud, and pretty stoked to make his own t-shirts and share them with folks like you!

The mission of Fortitude Clothing Company is to use profits to re-invest in a growing company, as well as donate to special charities, foundations, scholarship programs, athletes, and folks we meet along the way who need some support and encouragement.

Through making clothes we love, and giving back, we strive to fulfill the spirit of Eric’s life mottos and generosity, and work for a company that reflects that.

We’re not celebrities, and you don’t have to be either to support our mission, or wear our clothes! We’re real people, just like you, passionate about living a good life and helping folks along the way, near and far!

Fortitude Clothing Company was started, and is based out of Missoula, Montana, and you can often find us in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Shop our site to buy as a gift, or purchase some clothes for your next adventure! Contact us if you have questions.

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